Shireen N. Heidari

professional photo


Shireen N. Heidari, MD is a physician, writer, and teacher. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University and works in the hospital to provide symptom management and support for patients and families facing any stage of a serious illness. Dr. Heidari is the director of the Stanford Hospice and Palliative Fellowship program, and she is deeply committed to education and mentorship. She teaches communication skills and storytelling workshops for students, residents, and fellows. 

Dr. Heidari has written about the importance of human connection and judgment around healthcare workers seeking help for their mental health in The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, and The Intima. She hopes that by sharing her own story, she can be part of ongoing conversations as we advocate for culture change in medicine and more sustainable practice. Outside of her clinical and mentorship work, she is likely writing creatively, painting watercolor, or outside with her husband chasing their dogs.

watercolor painting of bright flowers